Novo Dent-Med is a specialized dental center and dermatology clinic. This space is dedicated to the medical care and aesthetics thus you are hereby officially invited to participate at our site.

      At Novo Dent-med we strive to make your stay a magnifique experience. We welcome you in a warm and intimate atmosphere, modern decor and friendly for your comfort. We asure comfortable and relaxing stay.

      Our stomatologists and dermatologists are always at your service. Enjoy our modern aesthetic medical care provided by a highly qualified staff or our dental center offering only the latest equipment.  Comfortable, clean and perfectly equipped treatment rooms awaits you. 

      Our specialists are constantly hone their science skills and improve their professional abilities by attending regular medical conferences.

      What is more, for the comfort of our guests, we also offer previously insured medical consultations provided by specialists in pulmonology, psychiatry and oncology. Thanks to that cooperation, patients are able to have entire health care in site.

      You are able to make an appointment by phone or internet. We put at your service fully accessible large parking space in front of the building.

      Our building is fully accessible and offers couple handicap parking spaces with a continuous paved pathway to suitable entrance door. The entrance path has a maximum slope of 3.9 percent without a level space before the doors.

      Accessible restrooms are located to the right of the entrance where a water fountain is also located.The restrooms have adapted for disabled doors and offer lever-handled faucets and side-transfer toilets. The interpretation exhibit area provides plenty of maneuvering room.

Three simple steps to treatment:

Send us your Pantomographic x-ray.

We prepare an individual treatment plan and its cost calculation.

You come to Poland. You are picked up from any airport and cared for the entire stay.


Photo source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/

Tel: (+48 ) 44 738 18 25, ( +48 ) 537-447-447,  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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