Dental surgery

      All these surgical procedures are painless and are performed under anesthesia locale.Elles are often accompanied by antibiotic treatment. Wound healing of the oral cavity is difficult, good hygiene is the key to success. It is important that the patient follow the advice of his doctor. If you experience persistent pain or heavy bleeding, do not hesitate to come and see us, the post-operative visit is free.

      The most common procedures in our office are: extraction of a tooth or a tooth, extraction of teeth, extraction of wisdom teeth. We also undertake more complex procedures such as root resection, sinus elevation (sinus lift), frenectomy (net correction of the lip), correction of the alveolar bone.

Implant surgery

      This surgery is intended to implement one or more implants to replace missing teeth. It is performed under anesthesia. After placement of the implant, wherein the biocompatible material with the artificial root is made, will be fully integrated in the bone.

      We also perform the intra sinus surgery, which, by increasing bone height, make it possible to place an implant. After a healing period, you can make a reconstruction crowns, bridges or dentures.


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