Increasingly popular mode of action for restoration of lost tooth is treatment using implants. This method allows you to achieve the best results in obtaining full recovery of aesthetics and masticatory rehabilitation.

       Titanium implants were introduced in place of missing teeth are the most physiological and tissue-saving therapeutic option remaining teethImplants can be used to reconstruct both single and large missing teeth using crowns or bridges.

      Restored teeth thus provides safety and comfort comparable to your own teethSince the implantation require the same care as natural teeth, they can accompany us to the end of life. Achievements of modern implants allow for the use of this method in patients who had disqualifying contraindicated for this type of treatment.

      The implant surgery performed treatments that aim to introduce the implant in place of the removed tooth. This treatment is performed as anesthesia, and after the implantdue to the material of which it is made, the bone fuses with the durable and is treated by the body as its own bone.

       We also carry out treatments dental sinus lift, which serve to increase the bone complementing its surface before the implant. After fusing together with the bone to implant prosthetic reconstruction is performed in the form of crowns, bridges or dentures.



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