Periodontics is a specialty of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of periodontal, that is to say, the tissues surrounding the tooth and maintain. The periodontal disease affect a large proportion of the adult population.

      They are mainly due to poor eating habits, malocclusion and dental care inadequate or non-adapted. Untreated periodontitis lead to the destruction of periodontal tissues and pockets.

      Food scraps, tartar and plaque build up in these areas then, causing inflammation and worsening of the disease. Signs of periodontitis are possible: gingival recession, tooth sensitivity, tooth mobility or loss, red or swollen gums that bleed, bad breath.

      Generally, you can avoid periodontal disease. Treatment started on time, with good hygiene, provide a complete cure. Our doctors advise patients with periodontitis to adopt a healthy and appropriate diet. Our doctors will suggest a treatment after examining your periodontal tissues.

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